Alex Mackin Dolan

Winter Forage, 2015

Inkjet on canvas

78 x 36 inches

Jeffrey Joyal

The Day is My Enemy, 2015

Vintage bar stool, lead paint, wood, variable AC Transformer, preserved sharybdis natator crab, electrical components

20 x 39.25 x 20 inches

(without regulator)

Alex Mackin Dolan

Herschel's Secret, 2015

Cardboard man, box, glue, and tape

24 x 57 x 28 inches

Lynn Randolph

Transfusions, 1995

Oil on casonite

Framed Dimensions: 61 x 72 inches

Painting: 48 x 60 inches

Jared Madere

Untitled, 2015

Figure: Branches, wig, brass wire, Camilla Fabric of Our Forbears maxi dress, chair Sheets: Bed sheets, mirror, glass, polyurethane glue, aircraft cable, hardware

Figure: 105 x 63 x 112 inches

Sheets: 108 x 102 inches, 72 x 84 inches

Paul Laffoley

Homage to Black Star of Perfection, 1965

Oil, acrylic, ink and lettering on canvas

51.5 x 51.5 inches

Lucy Dodd

Mantis, 2015

Found lamp on Garth Hudson chair frame, broken eye glass and ceramic hands

22 x 35 x 23 inches

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